I love to watch you work in court, how you would use your wonderful rhetoric and slither your way out of any situation. You are a well educated man, whom I wish to follow. Your brilliance is my inspiration.

Reuben Yadav – Former student

In a regulatory environment where political correctness is king, Bobesich is never bashful at pointing out when the emperor is wearing no clothes.

Gary Lloyd Gottlieb – Law Times

“We have a citizen facing the state” Bobesich told the jury. “The state has unlimited power, unlimited money, unlimited time” in their pursuit of this case, the lawyer added. “What has the accused got? He’s got me, he’s got you, he’s got very limited resources.”

Robert Vaillancourt – Sudbury Star

Mr Bobesich is very active in our Sudbury community; he has been active in politics, he has been active in social and sports organizations, and he has contributed generously of his time and expertise in making this community a very good place in which to live. There may very well be many letters of reference submitted on behalf of Mr Bobesich, attesting to his community involvement, his political involvement, and as well his concern about community matters.

Victor Frank Vere

I have known Gordon Bobesich for the past 8 years. Gordon is an articulate and well-informed person who is sincere and works hard at whatever he is doing. I have always found him to be “straight-forward and up-front” in any of our past associations. Gordon Bobesich would be a positive asset for any organization. I recommend Gordon Bobesich for any position that requires these excellent personal qualities.


During this time Mr. Bobesich has been an active member of the chamber’s Program and Employment/Education Committees, and has served as a judge for the past two years during the chamber’s Secretaries Day Luncheon and has interviewed and counseled students on our behalf for the Student Venture Capital Program. Mr. Bobesich was elected to the Board of Directors of the chamber for it’s 1986/87 fiscal year.  On behalf of the Sudbury and District Chamber of Commerce I wish to acknowledge the support and assistance Mr. Bobesich has shown the chamber during the past few years, and we look forward to his continued liaison. We wish Mr. Bobesich the very best of luck with his future endeavours.

DEBBI M. NICHOLSON, General Manager

I have known Mr. Bobesich for several years and can attest to the fact that he is an individual who is responsible and committed to his community and his country. Mr. Bobesich has been actively involved with the ethnic community in Sudbury and has gained an understanding and appreciation of the social, political and historical perspectives involved with an immigrant community. His ability to speak several languages is a considerable asset. As a lawyer, Mr. Bobesich has a clear understanding of the law as it may pertain to intelligence work in terms of process and procedure.


I have known Mr, Bobesich or the past 10 years and I am well aware of his work as a lawyer. He is a conscientious, hard working lawyer who is always concerned with his client’s problems. Although he can be tough he is always fair. His law firm has always been located in Sudbury and he is familiar with the community. Mr. Bobesich is a member of the Sudbury School Board and the chamber of Commerce as well as being involved with the Advisory Board for Youth Employment YMCA. He has been involved with a variety of community groups including a number of ethnic organizations.